Bubble Bags

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Bubble Bags
From £13.52
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Protect your goods with bespoke bubble bags.

Protecting goods from damage in transit should be an important part of any company’s shrinkage reduction strategy, especially for those transporting fragile or breakable items.

With quality bespoke bubble bags from 3A manufacturing, you can ensure your goods reach their recipients in as good a condition as when they left the warehouse.

We offer a huge range of standard bubble wrap bags in various shapes and sizes to meet all your packaging needs, whether you’re delivering furniture, transporting ceramics or shipping food hampers.

If we don’t have the bubble packaging you require, we can manufacture bespoke bubble bags designed specifically to fit your products, from 50 x 50mm bags to 3,000 x 1,100mm varieties.

Save valuable packing time

If you’re spending valuable time cutting and taping together loose sheets up bubble wrap to prepare your products for shipping, why not streamline your operations with 3A Manufacturing’s bubble wrap bags?

Our self-sealing and flush top bubble wrap pouches can help you reduce your packaging time and devote more resources to other parts of your business or project.

They can also help you reduce unsightly mess and improve your green credentials by cutting down on waste when wrapping off the roll. Check out our biodegradable bubble bags for more eco-friendly options.

Of course speedier packaging means faster shipping, so your customers will be happy too.

Bring uniformity to your packaging

Establishing a strong brand identity is important for any company and inconsistent packaging could really damage your reputation among your customers.

Bubble bags from 3A Manufacturing can provide uniformity across all your product packaging, helping you appear professional and respected as you build your brand and grow your business.

Standard bubble bags are made from tough medium duty 55gsm film ( with a minimum of 30% recycled content) and are available with self-seal flaps or flash cut openings, depending on your protective packaging requirements.
Bubble size: 10mm diameter x 4 mm in height.

We even manufacture bubble bottle bags that are ideal for protecting 75cl wine and spirit bottles for sending out in hampers, with alternative sizes available on request.

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BB000 65 x 65mm + self seal lip 1000 £16.88 £15.76 £14.89 £13.52
BB00 70 x 90mm + self seal lip 1000 £18.98 £16.89 £15.24 £14.75
BB00XL 70 x 135mm + self seal lip 1000 £25.95 £23.59 £21.63 £19.96
BB0 90 x 105mm + self seal lip 1000 £19.95 £18.14 £16.98 £16.35
BB1 100 x 135mm + self seal lip 1000 £26.92 £24.95 £23.81 £21.74
BB2 130 x 185mm + self seal lip 1000 £42.78 £38.89 £37.65 £35.86
BB155 155 x 155mm Self Seal Lip 1000 £28.34 £27.67 £26.51 £24.52
BB3 180 x 235mm + self seal lip 750 £42.95 £39.04 £37.79 £35.92
BB4 230 x 285mm + self seal lip 500 £45.84 £41.67 £38.25 £36.26
BB5 280 x 360mm + self seal lip 300 £42.78 £38.89 £36.65 £34.91
BB6 305 x 435mm + self seal lip 250 £43.17 £39.25 £37.98 £35.27
BB360 360 x 360mm + self seal lip 250 £42.78 £39.89 £37.65 £35.95
BB7 380 x 435mm + self seal lip 200 £42.82 £39.93 £37.68 £35.94
BB8 460 x 585mm + self seal lip 125 £42.72 £39.84 £37.65 £35.86
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