3A Manufacturing are constantly looking for ways to mitigate the effect of our business on the environment. Plastics, once the saviour of the packaging process are now causing many environmental problems globally but are still vital in providing protection to a multitude of products until suitable alternatives can be found. 

We have a policy of ‘Reduce’, ‘Reuse’, ‘Recycle’.  


Our bespoke bag making options allow us to offer closer fitting packaging than many standard  ‘off the shelf’  bag sizes where customers have to use the next size up to allow their products to fit comfortably. This can help customers reduce excess packaging and also reduce their overall pack sizes saving further. 


Our bubble bags are more efficient than loose wrapping bubble wrap and foam and can be used several times over before becoming worn out from repeated taping and tearing. 


We currently recycle 95% of our in house plastic waste back into our bubble film production process and we also buy in recycled waste from commercial and post-consumer sources.3A Manufacturing are currently working towards the new government guidelines of ensuring all plastic packaging contains a minimum level of 30% recycled material from January 2022.The benefit of using polythene products is that they can be easily recycled many times over. Once used our bags can be deposited for recycling at some supermarkets, other waste collection points or into dry mixed recycling collections.