Antistatic Bubble Bags

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Antistatic Bubble Bags
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Protect your goods with antistatic bubble bags

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If you’re handling and shipping electronic goods, you’ll need more than just standard bubble wrap or bubble bags to protect them from damage in transit.

Often, static can cause problems within the components, so you’ll need a packaging material that prevents this from happening, while also offering the same cushioning protection as normal bubble wrap.

At 3A Manufacturing, we offer a huge range of antistatic bubble bags for use in packaging electrostatic sensitive devices, or ESDs, in an electrostatic discharge protective area.

Pink in colour, these bags are made from tough 55gsm film ( minimum of 30% recycled content) and are tested for surface resistivity, offering total protection for your goods.

They come with self-seal flaps as standard and are smooth on the inside, which enables fast packaging and easy opening, preventing delicate items from damage when they are removed from the bag.

How do antistatic bubble bags work?

In standard bubble bags, sealed air is used to produce cushioning that can protect fragile items. But it can generate static electricity when it’s handled, which can damage integrated circuits and other essential electronic parts.

Antistatic bubble bags are manufactured using air retention technology, which prevents the bubble cells from collapsing and provides thick, long-term protection from shock and abrasion.

Thanks to special chemical additives, they also feature antistatic properties that prevent electrostatic charges from forming inside the bag and discharging to the contents of your package during handling.

3A Manufacturing can provide antistatic bags for all your ESD packaging needs, whether you’re shipping laptops and video games to consumers or sending circuit boards and switches along your supply chain.

Pink bubble bags

During the manufacturing process, a pink dye is added to antistatic bubble bags to signify their suitability for electronic component packaging.

The colour is universally known within the packaging industry to signify antistatic properties. What’s more, your customers can be confident that you’re taking the protection of their items seriously.

However, even if you don’t require packaging for electronics, you might decide, because of their colour, that antistatic bubble bags are the best option for your packaging needs.

Pink bubble bags may be ideal for branding purposes, especially if you’re shipping items like cosmetics, lingerie, glassware or any others items where a quirky or feminine look is required.

If you want to try our antistatic bubble bags before you buy, you can use our free sample service. Simply give us a call and we can dispatch your samples to you, usually within 48 hours.

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